Note to Brandeis Graduates

In The 28th Amendment one of the lead protagonists is a lawyer named Jeremy Lerner, whose purely fictional character incorporates some of my own personal history. Since I am a Brandeis alumnus (1975), the character Jeremy Lerner also went to Brandeis, graduating in the same year.

The plot only takes the reader to Brandeis a couple of times, but many fellow graduates who have read the novel tell me the Brandeis references add an insider’s perspective that makes it a fun read.

I have put up this PDF with one of the brief Brandeis-related vignettes (Chapter 7). The context: it’s an entry in Jeremy Lerner’s private blog, where he documents his lifelong attraction to bizarre and outrageous coincidences.

I will also take this occasion to apologize to my freshman year roommate SG, whose actual fate was (is) quite different from that described in the linked excerpt.

Nonetheless, far more of Chapter 7 is true than you would ever imagine possible.

Neal Rechtman
Ossining, NY
December 2009