Note to Duplicate Bridge Players from the Author

Although The 28th Amendment is not a book about bridge (it’s much more a mainstream political thriller), I’ve found that bridge players typically love it because one of the book’s main characters (a presidential candidate) is a serious tournament bridge player, and the plot therefore moves through that world at various points.

Readers familiar with duplicate play will enjoy an insider’s perspective on both the bridge-based plot components, as well as the bridge-oriented mind set of this main protagonist.

At the same time, many non-players report that my book has gotten them interested in learning more about the game — which I describe in a way that a non-player can understand and get excited about, without actually having to know how to play.  If you read my book and you agree, I hope you will consider purchasing The 28th Amendment as a gift for non-playing friends/colleagues who you think might be attracted to the game.  Gift Guide.

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Neal Rechtman
Ossining, NY
November, 2008

The 28th Amendment is a great read for any and all of you who – like me – are mesmerized by politics this election year, and enthralled by bridge always.”
– Gail Greenberg, New York, NY
Eleven-Time World Bridge Champion

“The 28th Amendment is a great read, with many foreign countries, fascinating political intrigue, and with bridge intertwined in the middle!  Players and non-players alike will find this a thought-provoking and very entertaining story.”
– Kathie Wei-Sender, Retired World Bridge Champion

“The 28th Amendment is a terrific political satire based on the author’s creative answer to the question: what would have happened if Martin Sheen and the West Wing got involved in real-world politics?”
– Joshua Parker, Briarcliff Manor, NY