Author’s Note

The 28th Amendment is a story about an actor who portrays a fictional US President on television, does his job a little too well, and gets drawn into real-world politics.

In my book the TV show is called The Oval Office, but anyone who watched the now-retired NBC series The West Wing will quickly see the similarity.  Think Martin Sheen (Almost) Goes to Washington.

Even those who are not familiar with The West Wing will recognize the very real potential for conflict between entertainment and politics in our media-defined age.  My book explores the logical extremes of this conflict, even as-real life examples abound. The current conflict between FOX News and the Obama Administration is based on the same question of law: when does a TV program with a clearly stated political agenda cross the line from entertainment into the highly regulated realm of political advocacy?

The 28th Amendment includes numerous references to the card game bridge.  You certainly don’t have to know how to play bridge to enjoy the book, however you may enjoy it more if you know how bridge is played.  For that reason the book includes an Appendix that provides a basic outline of the game for the non-player.  If you already play bridge, click here for more info.

If you’ve gotten this far, there is a statistically high probability that you’ll turn to the next page, so now would be the right time to advise you that this is a work of fiction: any similarity to real people or events is unintended and purely coincidental.

All of the coincidences described in the book, however, are based on real events that I have personally experienced.

Neal Rechtman
Ossining, NY
June 2008

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