Note to Lawyers/Law Students from the Author

Jeremy put his feet up on a wastebasket and fell asleep wondering if there wasn’t some moral equivalent to the tort concept of contributory negligence. The 28th Amendment, Chapter 15.

The 28th Amendment is not a legal thriller about the practice of law (in the tradition of Grisham and Turow), however it often appeals to attorneys, law students and other legal professionals because the plot is lined throughout with lawyers, courts and legal references.

All three of the main protagonists are lawyers:

  • Victor Glade is a former private practice attorney and Congressman who has become a successful television writer, actor and producer.
  • Jeremy Lerner, Glade’s personal attorney, had previously been Chief Counsel to the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee for 25 years.
  • Evelyn Vaughn is a former US Attorney and Law Professor who has taken a leave from UC-Hastings to lead an organization advocating a 28th Amendment to the US Constitution (electoral reform).

The entire plot turns on this question of law: when does a TV program with a clearly stated political agenda cross the line from entertainment into politics?

  • In my fictional narrative, a Rambo Republican President (in the year 2019) tries to shut down a left-leaning TV series on the grounds that it is engaged in political advocacy without having
    registered as a political party or political action committee.
  • In real life this same question is currently under scrutiny in the conflict between FOX News and the Obama Administration.

Because the story takes place in the year 2019, the legal landscape has changed somewhat. Following a series of Al-Qaeda missile attacks at US airports, there is now a Patriot Act III, a Homeland Security District Court, and an indefinite suspension of habeus corpus and posse comitatus.

If you’re a lawyer, or are looking for a gift for a lawyer or other legal eagle, The 28th Amendment will almost certainly work for you. For more information, see our Gift Guide.